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Pictures current as of November 8, 2012. Naming convention is usually "MMDDYY-(location)"

102812-teb Fall tree color change at Teterboro Airport
072711-las The Hoover Dam, again, ten years after I first saw it (further down on this page)
070911-FL470 Lear 60 up at FL470.
050211-astra Astra Jet cockpit photo
032511-mpto A spiral tower being built in Panama City, Panama
020911-cyyz The more efficient business traveler stays at Westins for this reason
012711-bos Experiencing Boston Logan airport blizzard conditions
100910-txkf Bermuda's Fairmont Hamilton hotel grounds
081710-tjps Airport pictures from Ponce, Puerto Rico
060410-cyyc Spending a few days in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
042210-launch Looking up at a rocket launching almost nearly overhead of us
012910-tpa A clownfish in a saltwater aquarium in a FBO in Tampa
122509-gulfQroute GPS showing 600 knots groundspeed joining a Gulf of Mexico Q route
112109-sunrise Video of the sunrise while climbing to 41,000 feet over Missouri
111709-mwcr Pictures from Seven Mile Beach on Grand Cayman
042209-myig Great Inagua island and zoomed in on the salt fields
040909-cyxe The city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada from the Saskatoon Inn
011809-fl The sun is setting over Tampa Bay, from 41,000 feet
010809-tlh Videos of a F22 in the traffic pattern at TLH: Tallahassee Regional Airport
120908-mbpv Video of a DC-3 taking off from the Providenciales airport
111808-mdsd Airport and Boneyard pictures, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
102308-mbpv Cardinal point pictures from the Providenciales airport
102308-tapa Arriving in Antigua (V.C. Bird) and on the airport surface pictures
082708-mynn Pictures taken after takeoff from Nassau, Bahamas
073008-rvs Inspiring road sign at the Riverside airport, Tulsa, Oklahoma
072208-072308-ase Aspen and Snowmass, Colorado pictures and videos
070808-txkf Off-airport pictures from Bermuda
0608-lightning What happens when lightning strikes an aircraft in flight
060308-iad Learjet 23 s/n 002 N802L at the National Air and Space Museum
052808-052908-mhlm City and airport pictures from San Pedro Sula, Honduras
042208-gpt Shoreline pictures from Biloxi, Mississippi
041808-042108-tncm Pictures and videos from a trip to Sint Maarten (Saint Marten)
041408-mmto Overflight of the tallest mountain volcano in Mexico, 50 miles southeast of Mexico City
031608-tjsj Airport pictures from San Juan, Puerto Rico
022608-maint View of a popped oil differential pressure indicator button (DPI) on a TFE731
022508-nyc A good view from 40,000 feet over Manhattan
021208-mkjp The airport at Kingston, Jamaica
020908-tisx Pictures from a trip to St. Croix, US Virgin Islands
020208-skbo City skyline pictures from Bogota, Colombia
012908-lga The Marine Air Terminal at LaGuardia's airport
122607-mbpv The island of Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos
122407-mggt Volcanoes near Guatemala City, Guatemala
122207-nc Busy skies over North Carolina
113007-dca Washington, DC from 24,000 feet
111507-txkf Pictures of Bermuda
111207-pdk Stone Mountain, near Atlanta, Georgia
102207-area_51 Aerial pictures of Area 51...the place that does not exist
100107-hungryfish_movie Video of hungry fish, feeding on fish food thrown to them
072707-fmy An aerial picture of a thunderstorm near Fort Myers, Florida
071807-aeronca_movie Video of an Aeronca thrust reverser being operated on a maintenance bench test
061507-cyul Stop signs in Montreal, Quebec, Canada look like this
060107-cho-iad Charlottesville, Virginia: Monticello. Also, pictures of a Bell 407 helicopter I flew this night
052607-tts Pictures of Port Canaveral, Florida
052507-mmun-mzbz Cancun, Mexico from 40,000 feet and Belize City, Belize airport
050307-RI The sun is about to rise when flying over Rhode Island this day
042807-mkjs Pictures from my hotel room near Montego Bay, Jamaica and the airport
042307-bos Boston, Massachusetts while flying overhead. Downtown and Logan airport
041807-mbgt Grand Turk, of the Turks and Caicos Islands, from 40,000 feet
032007-032107-SAAR Pictures from a trip to Argentina by way of Chile
031607-lan Lansing, Michigan chart vending machine (great idea!)
031507-ord Downtown Chicago, Illinois
030907-OH Lake Erie frozen over and snow-covered mountains in Ohio
030707-tts Mosquito Lagoon and Port Canaveral, Florida
030507-maint Pictures of what is atop the horizontal stabilizer on a Learjet 25
030207-row-sdm Roswell, New Mexico and San Diego, California
022807-mwcr Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands during approach to landing
022107-jessica Put together a Learjet, a camera and a girlfriend and you have...
020907-psp Learjet 35 with a mountain background at Palm Springs, CA and The Grand Canyon 02/09/07
020607-mkjs Scenery of the hills and water at the airport in Montego Bay, Jamaica 02/06/07
020307-acy Absecon Bay from my hotel room in Atlantic City, NJ and moon shots at night over the Atlantic Ocean 02/03/07
013007-tupj Views of the British Virgin Islands, air and ground shots of islands and the airport 01/30/07
012607-mtpp The airport terminal in Port-au-Prince, Haiti 01/26/07
012407-lj25-35 Interior and exterior shots of the LJ25 and LJ35 that I fly 01/24/07
011607-lj35 I took some pictures of my new job's airplane when in Panama 01/16/07
010607-fl More scenery from rural Florida 01/06/07
122706-phk Very tall palm trees line this road near Pahokee, Florida 12/27/06
122606-keys Random trip to the Florida Keys 12/26/06
111106-orl A visit to a hobby shop in Orlando, Florida 11/11/06
111006-orl Sunset in Orlando, Florida 11/10/06
103106-LJ35 Pictures of the Learjet 35 that I fly 10/31/06
102906-san_jose A park near downtown San Jose, Costa Rica 10/29/06
102606-noriega An aerial shot of Manuel Noriega's former mansion in Panama City 10/26/06
102106-NJ A weekend trip to New Jersey with an aerial photo of Philadelphia, PA 10/21/06
101806-lj60 Pictures of the Learjet 60 that I fly 10/18/06
101606-panama More pictures from Panama 10/16/06
101406-san_jose Pictures from San Jose, Costa Rica 10/14/06
081806-kteb Mid-town Manhattan from overhead the Teterboro, New Jersey airport 8/18/06
080906-mpto Panama: from atop the Ancon hill and Playa Veracruz 8/9/06
080806-mhtg Tegucigalpa, Honduras airport 8/8/06
072606-panama_canal_area Panama: Aerial pictures, Canal and area 7/26/06
072606-bimini Bimini, Bahamas: pictures of the island from the air 7/26/06
072306-panama Panama: Miraflores Locks and area 7/23/06
071406-caribbean Pictures of islands on a trip to Panama 7/14/06
mroc San Jose, Costa Rica from Hotel Marriott 7/1/06
mmun The beach at Cancun, Mexico 5/26/06
mmsd The beach at San Jose del Cabo (Cabo San Lucas), Mexico 4/26/06
mpto Panama: Bahia de Balboa from the hotel 12/6/05
sanfrancisco Pictures taken while at San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf 11/17/05
lasvegas2 Second picture set of Las Vegas 11/16/05
destin-fort_walton_beach Aerial pictures of the Destin-Fort Walton Beach inlet, Florida 6/18/04, 1/23/05
neworleans A couple of pictures from New Orleans, Louisiana 6/17/04
terrain Pictures of terrain on a low-level flight over Kentucky and Tennessee 6/15/04
stlouis Aerial pictures of the St. Louis arch 6/6/04, 6/8/04
lasvegas First time in Las Vegas and surrounding area 8/1/01
keywest Pictures of Key West and the flight to the island 6/23/01 My internship at Virgin Express Ireland, an airline, summer 2000

Miscellaneous and all other pictures:

3x-gdm 3X-GDM was a 727 that crashed while on takeoff (overloaded) from Cotonou, Benin, Africa
af-cyyz Air France's A340 crash in Toronto. I think these pictures are from a newsreporter
c150 Pictures of the airplane that I used to own 11/1/02
c172 Cessna 172 for sale in Venice, Florida prospect pictures
fishin031905 Pictures of the only fish caught on the boat that night (by me!) 3/19/05
fast Pictures of the GPS in a Piper Navajo indicating 275 knots groundspeed 7/9/04
hippo Picture and write up of a hippo that survived the massive tsunami that affected Kenya and found a friend--a tortoise
hou Pictures of a Mooney and a Cessna 172 sales prospects at the Houston Hobby airport
lear_vs_bird Learjet versus bird--$95,000 in damage--during my takeoff in this particular airplane 4/11/05
n819mc The instrument panel of my friend's Beechcraft Baron D55 (before and after dual GNS430W and Aspen PFD!)
P210 A pressurized and turbocharged Cessna 210 that I used to fly
radar Pictures of weather radar screenshots of the stuff I had to fly through one night 6/28/04
searey My friend's Searey in the build stage, near to completion
x04 Pictures of potential aircraft to purchase at the X04 Orlando Country Airport, Plymouth, FL

210turboprop.jpg Picture of one of those Silver Eagle Cessna P210 Turboprop aircraft
39-zoom-pp.jpg Picture of wake turbulence under a jet's exhaust contrail at 35000 feet - See this page for original
727tanker-large.jpg Picture of a 727's payload container--fuel tanks--carries fuel to remote mining sites
biggator1.jpg A HUGE alligator with a DEER in its mouth! A FWS officer spotted this one 40 miles south of Savannah, GA
biggator2.jpg The same HUGE alligator, still with the deer in its mouth! FWS source page
dogdolphin.jpg A friend of mine sent this to me. Picture of a dolphin interacting with a dog alongside the gunwale of a boat
king-air.jpg N502W, King Air 65-A90 jump ship fly-by, Williston, FL
kingair2.jpg N502W, King Air 65-A90 jump ship at landing, Williston, FL
LJ35FL410.jpg Picture of a Learjet 35 co-pilot side instrument panel while at 41,000 feet
N844AA-large.jpg Picture of a former American Airlines 727, converted into a fuel tanker. This plane is MISSING
pensacola_beach.jpg Picture of Pensacola Beach, Florida snapped while I was flying overhead in my Cessna 150
roundhouse.jpg Near Ocala, Florida, is this truly "round" house. Supposed to be for horses, I've been told...
San_Jose_quetzal_05-2004_by_JEL.jpg A quetzal bird. Very hard to photograph in the wild. This one is in a coffee plantation near San Jose, Costa Rica. by J. E. L.
snacks-n-cigarettes.jpg Buy youself some cheese crackers and a pack of Marlboro in a FBO in Richmond, Virginia
turnperformance.jpg The turn performance graph

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