Pilot Services

This site has been created by Thomas Mahoney Jr., a Bombardier Global 6000/5000 Vision current FAA Airline Transport Pilot. I provide Contract Pilot Services on a worldwide basis.

Total time: 9110 hours
Global 6000: 1396 hours
Total jet: 6837 hours
Total jet PIC: 4339 hours

USA Passport, no travel restrictions
Simulator training current until October 31, 2020
FAA Medical current until November 30, 2020
China M (business) and C (crew) visas, both multiple entries and both valid until 2025

Experienced in North, Central, South America, Caribbean, European, Asia, Australasia, Pacific and North Atlantic operations.

The Challenger 604/605 (flown 2011-2015), Learjet 60/60XR (flown 2006-2014) and Learjet 35/55 (flown 2004-2012) are no longer my specialty, as my simulator currency has lapsed.

Contact Information

Please feel free to contact me via an email to: tom [at] mahoney [dot] aero or call my cellular telephone at: +1-614-352-8521 if I may be of assistance in any of the capacities that I may be able to provide to you.


Pictures of my travels and picture copyright info:

Last updated: July 9, 2020