December 24, 2007

Volcanoes while descending for landing at the La Aurora Airport in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

Description/caption of each picture is immediately below the picture.

Volcano "Pacaya" (8373 feet tall) in the distance, when overhead Guatemala City.

Across the instrument panel, you see Volcano "Agua" (12336') on the left and Volcano "Fuego" (12346') to the left of the highest Volcano on the right, "Acatenango" (13045'). You may be able to see a small smoke plume rising from Fuego in this picture. Ironically, Fuego emitted a small amount of ash and gas early in the morning on 12/26/07, 35 hours after this picture was taken.

A closer look at Pacaya.

Agua on the left and Acatenango in the center, unfortunately hiding behind the clouds.

My trademark proof that I was in Guatemala.

This is what you would see when taking off from runway 19 at MGGT--Volcano Pacaya.

A map of the volcanoes in Guatemala.

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