November 15, 2007

Pictures from Bermuda.

Description/caption of each picture is immediately below the picture.

Bermuda, from the southwest, looking northeast.

Again, from the southwest, zoomed out.

On approach to runway 12 at the Bermuda airport, looking south from north of the islands.

Pastel-painted houses just north of the airport.

A bridge west of the airport called Longbird Bridge.

The airline terminal at the Bermuda airport.

The license plates on automobiles were non-specific to Bermuda, however, the Post Office speaks for itself.

An airliner on approach to runway 12 at the Bermuda airport.

A couple of pastel-painted houses north of the airport, on St. George's Island. Motorscooters are a prevalent method of transportation on Bermuda.

A large group of buildings on St. George's Island. Another motorscooter. Roofs of buildings in Bermuda are white because rainwater runoff from the roof is collected for drinking and bathing water.

Departure from Bermuda. Southeast side of the island, looking northwest. Shot #1 of 2.

Shot #2 of 2, looking north. Hamilton, the capital city, is towards the left of the picture.

Zoomed in on the southwest end of the island.

Former US Navy base at the top left. Horseshoe Bay at the bottom center.

Downtown Hamilton, Bermuda.

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