August 27, 2008

Nassau, Bahamas after taking off from runway 09. I am here so much, I never thought to take pictures!

Description/caption of each picture is immediately below the picture.

Zoomed out, western end of New Providence Island, the island on which the city of Nassau is located.

From about 8 miles due south of the Nassau airport, looking north. The control tower is in the center of the field. Odyssey Flight Support is located about 300 feet west of the threshold of runway 32 (the closest buildings to you that are on airport property). Executive Flight Support is located southeast of the terminal, north side of runway 14/32 about where all of those small hangars are located.

Clear blue water south of the Nassau airport. A friend of mine who lives here says that wherever you see a black patch in the clear water, it may be a coral structure.

Southwest side of the island, near the city of Adelaide. Looks to be a golf course in the center there. Lyford Cay Club in the upper left corner (the land which forms a point).

Just a few miles west of the Nassau airport, over the north shore of the island (over Old Fort Bay). Notice how the water is shallow with coral reef, then it just drops off? That deep area is called the Tongue of the Ocean, 6000 feet deep at its deepest point.

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