July 14, 2006.

Pictures of islands on a flight from Fort Lauderdale to Panama (sorry, no Cuba photographs, as it is/may be [was, at one time, I am sure] not authorized to take pictures when overflying their territory).

Description/caption of each picture is immediately below the picture.

View of Jamaica from 60 nautical miles (NM) to the west.

The Point closest to you is Negril, Jamaica.

South side of the island of Jamaica. Lots of moisture on Jamaica means lots of clouds (and lots of thunderstorms).

Nautical map of Bajo Nuevo. Depths on this chart are in meters ("2003" meters is 6571 feet deep, 0.5 miles southwest of Bajo Nuevo, at the lower left corner of this map).

Photograph of Bajo Nuevo, a small sand bar/bank out in the middle of the Caribbean, about halfway between Jamaica and Nicaragua. You are looking at Bajo Nuevo from 35 NM to the west. Bajo Nuevo lat/long: 15 49.2N 078 41.1W.

Bajo Nuevo shot 2.

Bajo Nuevo shot 3, probably the best shot of the island.

Bajo Nuevo shot 4. Territory of the United States as far as I believe (see Guano Islands Act)

Couple of small sand bars/islands about 60 NM west of Bajo Nuevo.

Shot 2 of small sand bars/islands west of Bajo Nuevo.

Nautical map of Serrana Bank. Depths in meters. Meters x 3.2808 = depth in feet.

Photograph of the Serrana Bank, from about 50 miles to the east of the bank. Serrana Bank lat/long 14 21.0N 080 18.8W.

Nautical map of Golfo de San Blas, Panama.

The Golfo de San Blas, on the north side of Panama. Looking east.

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