January 24, 2007

Pictures of the Learjet 25 and 35 that I currently fly.

Description/caption of each picture is immediately below the picture.

Flight deck of the Learjet 25D.

LJ25 Captain's side.

LJ25 Engine instruments.

LJ25 Co-pilot's side.

LJ25 Pedestal.

"Gates Learjet 25D" with fancy antique font lettering!

Learjet 25 emblem on the control wheel.

The cabin of the LJ25 looking aft from the door. Presently in air ambulance configuration.

The cabin of the LJ25 looking forward from the divan (aft-most seats).

LJ25 Engine inlet. CJ610-8A is the engine model.

Looking up the tailpipe of the LJ25 C610-8A engine.

Flight deck of the Learjet 35A.

LJ35 Captain's side.

LJ35 Engine instruments.

LJ35 Co-pilot's side.

LJ35 Pedestal. The fancy computer with the plastic cover on it is our GPS. The other computer is an antique VLF radio.

View of the cabin from the flight deck of the LJ35. This LJ35 is also in air ambulance configuration.

LJ35 cabin, looking forward from the divan (aft-most seats).

An example exterior shot of a Learjet 25 (not the same 25 as mentioned previous in this picture). The hangar was too small to take a shot, but this is another one of our 25's.

The exterior of our Learjet 35.

Side-by-side comparison of the LJ35 (on the left) and the LJ25 (on the right). Basic differences: the engines (for sure; even though a "smaller package," the 25 is MUCH noisier!), the 25 is 4 feet shorter (count windows on left side of fuselage: 4 on the 25 and 5 on the 35) and the 25 has a 3 foot less wingspan. Biggest difference: the fuel bill for the 25 is through the roof!

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